"Passion is hardly tempered; creativity barely disciplined, instead of directing them, let them drive you...

Art knows no boundaries; inspiration defies definition, instead of restraining them, let them provoke you...";

Viven Chiu

Viven Chiu was born in Hong Kong and moved to Vancouver, Canada, in the 90's. Her father, a respected painter, profoundly influenced her. Early exposure to art led Viven to study Communication Arts in college, then Commercial Art at university, before embarking on a career as a graphic designer and eventually becoming an Art Director.

In the early 2000s, Viven moved to Toronto, where she discovered a passion for sculpture. She joined the City Sculpture Studio in Toronto and met many great sculptors from around the world. The diverse cultural encounters inspire her art, as do her extensive travels.

Her travels across Europe, the Middle East, China, Southeast Asia, and several Asia-Pacific countries have given her many inspirations. She considers each visit to a country as reading a 3D book, storing not just images but also emotional responses, which she brings to life through her sculptures, photography and drawings.

Over the years, Viven's work has been showcased globally in city halls, museums, and galleries across Asia, the USA, and Europe.


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